Kinder Goat Breeders Association - Essay Contest!

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Application can be turned in any time before March 1st for the current year. Applications

received after this date will be considered for the following year if applicable. Contest winners

will be notified after the April KGBA meeting.

Applications can be sent to:

KGBA Doe Chain

P. O. Box 277

Beloit, OH 44609

or emailed to This program will be administered by the KGBA in

cooperation with local Kinder Goat Breeders.


If you are chosen you will be able to choose a doe kid that has been generously donated from one

of our member’s herds. You will also receive a one year youth membership to the Kinder Goat

Breeders Association. Once the doe is of breeding age and size she must be bred to a Kinder

Buck. You can contact your local breeder for information on available local bucks. When she

kids you must donate a doe kid from this doe back to the Kinder Goat Breeders Association for

this program. Until you fulfill this agreement your doe will be leased to you so that you have the

ability to show her. If there is no applicant the following year and your doe had a doe kid that kid

will be sold at auction at the next available KGBA show. Upon completion of the donated doe

kid back into the program the dam will then be signed over to you and registered into your name.

She is then all yours. If after being bred 3 times and if never having a doe kid your agreement

will be considered fulfilled and the doe kid will be signed over to you. NOTE: All doe kids

donated will need to be registered with the KGBA prior to their donation back into this program.

We do ask that you take good care of your doe and make sure that she is kept in good condition.

Make sure she has adequate nutrition, clean water, housing, and is kept up to date on

vaccinations and deworming. All animals have certain requirements to obtain optimum health

and we suggest that you know what those are before taking on this commitment. If a doe dies

because of not following these requirements she will not be replaced and you will not be able to

apply for this opportunity again. These kids are being donated to youth with the understanding

that they will be well cared for and loved, and for the purpose of helping youth to enjoy the

rewarding experience of owning a Kinder goat.

All does supplied by KGBA breeders will be vet checked to certify the doe is free from CAE, CL

and Johne's Disease. Youth members who return the donation must make sure their donated doe

is also vet checked for these diseases.

We do hope that you consider joining the Kinder Goat Breeders Association but it is not a

requirement to apply for this program. However, if chosen and you must remain a member until

you fulfill your agreement of placing a doe kid back into the doe chain. Once a member, you

have access to some great advice on raising and showing your new doe from some experienced

breeders and other youth around mid-Ohio.