Calling all FIRST or LAST year Swine Showmen! Don't miss out on the 2020 Carolyn Krug Memorial Essay Contest!


The winners will be awarded a market hog to be taken as a project and shown at the Stark County Fair in 2020. The pig(s) will be donated by the Krug Family and will ready for exhibitors in the spring, sometime in May.

Any 4-H member may participate if they will be enrolled with a club for 2020 and this is either their 1st year taking a swine project or a member that is in their last year of taking a swine project. Two individuals will be chosen.

TO ENTER the contest, the exhibitor must write an essay outlining why they would like to take a swine project, as well as what house and feeding arrangements they have. Include in your essay, your name, age, phone number, number of years in 4-H, previous projects taken, and any other information that you feel important/interesting. Be CREATIVE! Think about what may make your essay stand out from others. The essay may be hand written or typed. May also include artwork.

Parents/Guardians MUST sign at the bottom of the essay confirming that they would be able to receive the pig, take care of the pig properly as far as housing and feed requirements, and that they agree to oversee the project. The child responsible to complete the project by attending QA, skill-a-thon, and showing the pig at the Stark County Fair.

Our family is looking for individuals who show enthusiasm and interest in owning and raising a pig and who is able to provide proper care and adequate housing for a swine project. When planning for housing and fencing needs, remember that the pig will be around 40-70 lbs and around 240-270 lbs upon completion of the project.

ESSAYS are due by MARCH 1, 2020. The family will be meeting the first week of March and winners will be notified by phone. All others will be sent a letter by mail. If you win, be sure to sign up for the project with your club. Mail your essay to: The Krug Family, 1250 Glenway NW, N. Lawrence, OH 44666.

This is the thirst year for the program and we hope to be able to continue it in memory of Carolyn Krug for years to come. To help make this possible, it is suggested that a percentage of the sale of your project be donated back to the fund.

If you have any questions, please call Randy at 330.265.9322 or Scott at 330.465.3628.

Carolyn and Bob Krug were long time supporters of 4H and everything that 4H stood for. They were on the swine committee for 45+ years, their 5 children all showed pigs, as well as their 6 grandchildren, and 4 of their great grandchildren. All also took various other projects too. They were both very dedicated and committed to make 4H and the swine program a positive experience for all.

If we can help the exhibitor in any way, we will be more than happy to do so. We want this to be a successful, positive, and FUN experience for all.