2024 Stark County Fair Royalty Application

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Click the link above to access the 2024 Royalty Application.  

Please see below for competition updates for 2024.



2024 Changes to Stark County Junior Fair Royalty

  1. Royalty chosen in 2024
    1. Queen
      1. 1st Runner-Up to Queen
      2. 2nd Runner-Up to Queen
    2. King
      1. 1st Runner-Up to King
      2. 2nd Runner-Up to King
  2. When the Queen and King complete the following in conjunction with the Royalty Committee, they will earn a $500 Scholarship from the Stark County Junior Fair Advertising and Promotions Committee.
    1. Visit at least 10 local county fairs representing Stark County Junior Fair (hand out county pins provided by the Royalty Committee).
    2. Attend and participate in at least 5 community activities (parades, festivals, shows, homecomings, etc.)
    3. Visit at least 2 schools to present 2024 Stark County Junior Fair Royalty.
  3. Each member of the court is responsible for securing at least 25 items from local businesses for Swag Bags given out to visiting royalty to be handed out at the FOLLOWING Stark County Fair.
  4. Parents are responsible for chaperoning and travel to and from events that Royalty is participating in.
  5. The Royalty Committee has the right to remove any Royalty that does not follow the written expectations at any time.
  6. Open to all Stark County Youth, ages 15-20 as of January 1, 2024, who are current members of a youth organization represented at Stark County Junior Fair (4-H, FFA, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Grange and Junior Achievement), who HAVE NOT been Queen or King in a previous year.