2020 Quality Assurance Information

IMPORTANT: (Please read!)

For our livestock project members and families, Ohio 4-H and the Ohio Department of Agriculture discussed some changes for this year that will help mitigate the effects the corona virus is having on holding in-person programming. For livestock quality assurance (QA) for the 2020 year only:

  • QA must still be completed before the opening day of exhibition, however the 45-day prior to the opening of the exhibition requirement will not be enforced. Quality Assurance IN-PERSON sessions are planned to be offered when and if we are permitted.
  • The actions we’ve taken so far are in alignment with necessary precautions recommended by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Ohio Department of Health. These are in place to help keep us all from getting, or unintentionally spreading, this virus. This includes the temporary closing to the public of our county Extension office and County Fairgrounds. We’ll continue to be available via email and phone.
  • Youth livestock exhibitors (8-18) may take the online YQCA certification. SEE the file below for ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS- $12 Cost per youth.
  • Please send a copy of your completed certificate to Julie Pinter at the Junior Fair office for proper credit. Email: jrfair@starkcountyfair.com
  • Livestock possession dates have NOT been changed, as listed in ORC- 901-19-39 Ownership requirements.

Please feel free to direct all questions and inquiries to jrfair@starkcountyfair.com or crawford.228@osu.edu

Keep in mind that the Fairgrounds and Extension offices are both closed during this time.

Stay safe and healthy! 🍀❤️🍀

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