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At the Fair

Pen assignments will be on the pens by set-up day on Sunday. No bedding will be provided. You are responsible for your own bedding. You will need straw/bedding, hay & something to hold your hay, buckets, feed dishes, grain, etc.

There will be VERY limited, if any, tack space available in the barn. Only keep what you absolutely need in the tack space, or make a tack space above your pen for your tack box.

YOU are responsible for the feeding and care of your goat! Please keep your goat’s pen clean and provide FRESH water daily. Please help keep our barn attractive and clean! Each club should have a large broom to keep the aisles swept. Remember, the goat barn is one of the most visited barns at the fair. We are proud of our goats and we want to present them to the public in a positive way!

Be sure to check the announcement board at the front of the goat barn for any updates or news! Don’t forget the Goat Fun Show on Sunday, Aug. 31st. This is a dress-up contest for all 4-H ages and is great fun with lots of prizes! We will have bulletins posted with specifics during fair week.

Goats do not need to be “vet-checked” before the fair. HOWEVER, please be sure your goats are healthy, wormed, and free of external parasites! The vet at the fairground DOES look them over upon arrival, and you do not want to have an unhealthy goat sent home. If your goat appears to not feel well during the fair, please contact a pygmy goat committee member to seek veterinary attention.

Remember to bring your ORIGINAL registration papers at check-in time! For unregistered pygmy goats, an Owner Statement or USDA Scrapie paperwork must accompany your goat at time of check in. Your goat MUST BE tattooed or ear-tagged with proper herd identification. If you have questions about Scrapie Identification, please contact a pygmy goat committee member early in the summer so that your goat can be brought into compliance. We do not want to turn any goats away at check-in time. All paperwork brought for check in MUST remain on the fairgrounds during your goat’s stay at the fairgrounds!

These are USDA rules. (See Federal ID Requirements page.)

For all of you returning pygmy goat members, brush up on your showmanship skills! Check out the information on these pages!

Click on this link to see the “Showmanship Scorecard” that the judge will use to judge you.

Also, please read over “Show Ring Etiquette”. You may access that article from this link.

A full description of what the judge is looking for in your pygmy goat is included in this link.

Wethers go by this scorecard.

**If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call a pygmy goat committee member! We are all more than happy to answer any questions you may have.**

Committee members and phone numbers are listed in your Pygmy Goat Rules that you received from your 4-H advisor.



Have Questions?
Email a committee member.