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Interview Judging

The Poultry Committee no longer conducts a skill-a-thon. Instead, we have decided to conduct Interview Judging. This is an opportunity for you to verbally discuss what you have learned about your poultry project. You must bring your completed books, records and one page reports to Interview Judging. At the interview, you will sit down with one of our committee members and present your books, records and one page reports. The one page reports are very important in Interview Judging because it allows the committee members the opportunity to see what you have done with your project and to provide a basis for the committee member to form questions for you to answer about your project. The interview experience is meant to be fun and educational for all. It is a good idea to use the study guides listed below to help prepare for the interview as well because it is possible that the committee member who interviews you could ask you to identify parts of your bird and meat cuts. It is also possible that the Judge at the fair may ask you about these items as well so it is a good idea to be prepared just in case.

Online Practice

Broiler Parts
Broiler Feed Tag
Turkey Feed Tag


Broiler Meat Cuts


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