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At the Fair

NEW OHIO 4-H POLICY: Ohio 4-H Horse Program Helmet Policy, Effective January 1, 2009

This includes ALL 4-H club riding meetings, practice, trail rides and horse shows.  Following is the wording as it is stated in the 2009 Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows with regards to the new helmet policy. For further information, please contact: Dr. Kimberly Cole, Extension Equine Specialist at

“All youth age 19 and under, participating in any 4-H equestrian activity, are required to wear properly fitted protective headgear which meets or exceeds current ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)/SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards with the chin harness securely fastened at all times while riding or driving an equine.

It is the responsibility of the rider, or the parent or guardian of the youth participant, to make sure that the headgear worn complies with appropriate safety standards for protective headgear intended for equestrian use, and is properly fitted and in good condition.  The Ohio 4-H Horse Program, Show Committees, Officials, Extension Personnel and Volunteer Leaders are not responsible for checking headgear worn for such compliance.

The Ohio 4-H Horse Program, Show Committees, Officials, Extension Personnel and Volunteer Leaders make no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, about any protective headgear, and cautions riders that death or serious injury may result despite wearing such headgear, as no helmet can protect against all foreseeable injuries in equestrian activities.

The Ohio 4-H Horse Program, Show Committees, Officials, Extension Personnel and Volunteer Leaders may, at his/her discretion, check a participant’s protective headgear for proper standards.  If the youth is found to be wearing unapproved, defective, or improperly fitted headgear, he/she will not be permitted to participate in riding or driving activities until proper headgear is acquired.”


  • Youth need to have completed project books & project related items. (NO horse)
  • This is a individual judging – talking & cheating will result in a score of ZERO.
  • There are 2 parts to the Skillathon:
    1. Project “interview” Judging: questions are asked about the project book & checked for proper completion.
    2. Skillathon Kit: stations will have matching, ID, & other questions from the kit.

– see skillathon page for examples & resources –

  • The 2 scores are added together and scored on an A, B, or C ribbon scale.
  • Horseless horse projects (#173) will be scored only on interview judging. Stations can be done for fun & education.
  • High scores for each project book (174, 175, 179, etc.) will be rewarded.*Horse committee updated skillathon for 1st yr. members taking book #174
  • 1st year 174 horse project youth will be “interview” only at skillathon reviewing Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4. 1st year members may participate in skillathon stations as an educational, fun study.
  • This project (#174) is strongly recommended for all first year horse kids to take. It can be taken for 3 yrs. by dividing it into chapter sections. Once they feel they are well educated and done with it they can move to 175 – Light Horse selection or another book of their choice.

Groom & Clean

  • This is a competition divided into Senior (14-18yrs.) and Junior (9-13yrs.) teams. They can be of 3 or 4 members per team. In the competition, youth will take a written test made from questions from the 4-H horse project books. Juniors will be from #174 and Seniors will be from #174, #175, and the rule book. Youth will also be required to clean a “dirty” horse with certain & allowed grooming items. Once the horse has been groomed, the youth will then complete a showmanship pattern where all youth must do a section. All 3 parts of the competition will be timed. For complete requirements & procedures refer to the state 4-H horse website .
  • Awards will be given out. The winning Junior and Senior team will be able to compete at the State Groom & Clean competition.

Registration forms can be obtained from:
Jamie Grimm 330-418-7867

Fair Horse Show

  • To be eligible to show you must have turned in your June 1st ID form, Sponsorship Money, Fair Entry Form, and Shot Records.
  • Please notify staff if you will need tack changes, class cancellations, or other issues to keep the show moving smoothly.
  • All youth are required to do Showmanship!
  • Please be ready when called and pay close attention to announcements, running orders, and class numbers.

** What to bring **

  • show clothes
  • grooming items
  • show tack
  • Feed
  • Hay
  • buckets for water/feed
  • back up/spare equipment in case of emergency
  • pen and paper for patterns
  • hay and treats
  • smiles, good attitude, willingness to help, and ready for a fun show
  • volunteers willing to assist
  • Ribbons are given to the top 5 places along with a trophy for 1st place. All showmanship contestants (all showing at fair) will get a “participation ribbon”. At the end of the show, HI-Point & Reserve HI-Point trophies will be given to the both junior and senior divisions. These points will be obtained based on placement in that day’s classes:  5 pts. for 1st, 4 pts. for 2nd, 3 pts. for 3rd, 2 pts. for 4th, and 1 pt. for 5th. All of those who complete the Skillathon Judging will receive 5pts. towards the HI-Point Trophies.**

Show day can be very stressful and rushed. Remember that it is a fun day for our youth to show off at fair and enjoy all the year’s hard work. Cooperation is key and needed if we want the show to go smoothly. It will be a faster paced show that requires all to be ready and listening.

Please look over the horse packet information
(rules, fair form rules, and other information)

If there are ANY questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Extension Office or an Executive Horse Committee Member.



Have Questions?
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