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Cake Decorating Project

All clinics will be held at the Plain Community Branch Library (GlenOak High School) Downstairs Room from 9 AM – Noon
APRIL 11 – Beginners & Intermediate
MAY 23 – Advanced
JUNE 6 – For anyone who needs help with the book or techniques, etc.

Deadline to register is 1 week before the clinic date by contacting Dee Meredith at 330-491-1001 or 330-904-6680 (text).
Any questions, please contact Dee Meredith.

4) Add to Foods and Nutrition Page –

2015 Stark County 4-H Cupcake Craze Contest
No registration deadline – Just bring in your cupcakes at 4-H Extravaganza Judging on Sat, June 27, 2015 by 10 a.m. at the Stark County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall (4-H Food Judging area)
1. 4-H members and adults may enter. (Age as of June 27)
.Jr Division – Ages 8-13
.Sr Division – Ages 14-19
.Adults – Ages 20 and up

2. Regular size cupcakes only must be presented for judging.
3. Cupcakes must be homemade by you. You may use box cake mixes or you may use recipes
made from scratch. The same applies to frostings as well. All decorations must be edible. No store bought decorated cupcakes or professionally decorated cupcakes will be considered for judging.

4. No limit on how many cupcakes you can enter!
5. There will have 3 categories (winner in each category):
. Best Tasting – submit 3 cupcakes for judging
. Best Decorated – submit 1 cupcake for judging
. Most Unique Ingredient(s) – submit 3 cupcakes for judging
. Best of Show Award

PLEASE state if nuts or other allergens are in your recipe.
There will be no refrigeration, so please consider ingredients that won’t melt or spoil or provide
coolers to store your cupcakes.

Does your cupcake have…

Bite-ability: What is the cake to frosting ratio? Does the ratio impede the ability to take a com- plete bite? Do we have to resort to using a fork? Frosting: Flavor, type, texture are all important. How well does the frosting marry to the cake? Does the frosting compliment the cake? Is there enough for each bite? Too much?

Cake: We’re looking for moistness, flavor, texture. Does the cake support the frosting well? Does the whole thing collapse after you take a bite?

Presentation: How pleasing is the cupcake to the eye? Are the icing colors appropriate for the flavor? Does the cupcake have flair? Originality?

Ease of Access: Is it too hard to get the wrapper off & when you do get it off does the cake hold together or do you make a mess of it? How many napkins are required to eat it?

Cupcake-ness: Does it remind you of a cupcake or has it pushed things too far?
Participants will complete a registration card when entering their cupcakes.



Have Questions?
Email a committee member.