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By Keith | July 21, 2009

— Frequently Asked POULTRY Questions —

Q:  Do I have to take all 25 chicks at chick pick-up to raise?
A: No, you do not have to take all 25 chicks to raise.  When you pay your project fee, just let the committee know how many chicks you would like to raise for your project.  Just remember that you should raise enough to ensure that you have a good group of chickens to pick from when you pick your chickens out for the fair.

Q: Is showmanship mandatory in the Poultry Barn?
A: No, it is not at this time.  However, we do recommend that you do participate in showmanship to learn more about your project and to show off the knowledge that you do know about your project.  It is a good learning experience!

Q: Do I have to wear a white coat for show or showmanship?
A:  Absolutely not!  Wearing a white coat for show or showmanship is not required.  Please remember though that at the show, you are representing yourself and your birds to the judge so you should wear something nice.  It is advisable that you do wear long sleeves to help protect your arms in case your birds scratch you.  This does happen and long sleeves help prevent this.

Q: If my market turkeys die before June 1st, 2009, can I replace them with new poults?
A: Yes, you can.  Our rules state that the birds must be “hatched April 25 – June 1 of Current year.”  So as long as your new poults are hatched between April 25th and June 1st, you are eligible to bring them to the fair.  Just remember to request NPIP papers when your order your birds!

Q: Does my NPIP paper have to have the hatchery’s phone number on it that I purchased my birds from?
A:  Yes, your NPIP paper MUST have the hatchery’s phone number on it!  Please be sure to ask the hatchery to include their phone number on the NPIP paper when you purchase your birds!

Q: Am I responsible for getting my own buyers to purchase my broilers and/or turkey’s at the fair?
A: Yes, you are.  It is your job to find potential buyers and “market” your project to them and ask them to come to the fair to purchase your projects.  It is recommended that you write a nice note to potential buyers and that you include your name, club, how long you’ve been in 4-H, what projects you are taking, the date of the sale as well as the time that the sale begins in the note.  It is also more effective if you personally deliver the note to your potential buyer and take the time to talk with them for a minute or two.

Q: I am interested in taking the Raising Fancy Poultry II project.  What do I have to do in order to take this project?
A: You must first take Raising Fancy Poultry I and keep the same birds from that project to show the following year in Raising Fancy Poultry II.  The birds must be the same birds that you showed in Raising Fancy Poultry I.



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