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How to Start a 4-H Club

What Is a 4-H Club?

A 4-H club is a place where young people and adults come together to do things that help them:

  • Be what they want to be.
  • Think and learn about what interests them most.
  • Share how they feel about their activities and their lives in general.
  • Do fun things that also help them learn more.
  • Relate to peers and the adults in their lives in positive ways.

A 4-H Club Would Have:

  • At least two members from two or more different families.
  • One or more caring adult volunteers working with the members.
  • A format in which youth members decide what the club does and how it operates. This can, but doesn’t have to be, done through club officers.
  • A club program, planned by members, volunteers and parents that will help the group achieve their goals.
  • Six or more meetings a year.
  • Learning experiences that use the community.
  • Ways to evaluate and recognize the growth and learning of those involved.

Are There Dues?

4-H clubs do not pay county, state or national membership dues at this time. A local club may decide to generate funds to meet club goals either through dues or fund-raising activities.

What Types of 4-H Clubs Can We Start?

Although all 4-H clubs include the basic elements listed above, there are two common club formats. Schools & Groups can also enroll for short term learning activities.

Community Club

This type of club involves members of a variety of ages and interests. This club holds a general club meeting that may be held monthly throughout the year. Each member also is part of a project group or club that meets at other times to explore the specific project interests of the group. An administrative volunteer leader usually manages the club. This person provides support to the individual club and groups and to their volunteer leaders. Community clubs are formed within geographic areas, schools or housing communities.

Project Club

The activities of this type of club focus on one project or interest area. All members participate in the same project or interest. Club meetings can be held on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly.

What Do I Need to Do to Start My Club?

Once you’ve recruited your adult and youth members, contact the Stark County, OSU Extension Office to find out how to register your new 4-H club. Stark County 4-H members and clubs can join any time of the year. Annually, March 15 is the deadline to join to participate in county & state judging and fairs. Volunteers who work with youth in 4-H are required to go through the OSU Volunteer Selection Process before engaging in direct, ongoing and unsupervised work with young people. This includes a volunteer application, references checked, a finger print back ground check, an interview and volunteer training.



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