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C.L.O.V.E.R. Reads

Stark County 4-H CLOVER Reads Program

Catch Lots OVery Exciting Reading

Deadline: June 1st (or the first business day after) by 4pm to Extension Office…remember NO FAX MACHINE!


2018 Clover_BookReport_Form_Age-9-18 due June 1st

2018 Clover_BookReport_Form_Cloverbud due June 1st


The CLOVER reading program offers Stark County 4-H youth a chance to earn recognition for learning more about their project areas, improve their reading ability, experience the lifelong skill & joy of reading and help their club by performing reading-related community service. Prizes will be awarded at Extravaganza. The county’s top CLOVER point earners will receive a prize! All Stark County 4-H youth (age 5–18) are eligible to enroll in CLOVER.

Here’s how it works:

  • The CLOVER registration form is available from the Stark County Extension Office or here. Only one form per club is required. Interested 4-H members sign up at club meetings. The form is then returned to the Extension office by the March 15 4-H Club membership deadline.
  • The reading program begins March 15-June 1, annually. Youth earn points by reading age/ability appropriate books, magazine articles and textbook chapters on their project area(s), and their 4-H project resource manual. They can read for personal enjoyment or to learn more about their project area.  Reading-related community service also earns points.
  • Youth then record what they read along with a brief synopsis on a CLOVER book report form. Completed forms must be turned in to the 4-H Extension Office by  June 1st annually. (Youth only need 25 points to complete the program – each book related to the youth’s project area earns 5 points.)
  • Cloverbuds do not earn points. They participate in the CLOVER program by reading 5 books or having 5 books read to them. (The ability to read is not necessary for participation in the CLOVER program.) All participating Cloverbud youth will receive a CLOVER award ribbon.
  • Awards for all CLOVER participants completing the program will be presented at Extravaganza. The awards ceremony usually starts between 12:30 and 1:30pm.
  • ANNUAL POSTER CONTEST:  All youth registered in the program are also invited to enter the CLOVER Poster Challenge. Posters are judged by how well the youth incorporates reading into the Stark County Jr. Fair theme. Posters must be turned in to the OSU Extension, Stark County-4-H office or Laura Miller by 5pm June 15 annually. Posters will be displayed in the CLOVER reading booth during the Stark County Fair.

**Clover Reading dates begin on March 15 and end on June 1st**
***Awards will be presented at Extravaganza***



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