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Important Camping Announcement!! PLEASE READ!!

1 By coordinator | February 16, 2019

Hello All Junior Fair Campers.

This week, the 2019 Jr. Fair Camping Contracts went into the mail.  Enclosed with the contract is a letter that outlines some of the changes for the 2019 Season.  Please note that the $100 deposit is due back by May 1, 2019 to hold your spot for the fair.  Deposits received after the May 1st deadline will cause you to be placed in the que with the new campers and may result in the loss of your assigned spot.

If you want to move spots, please contact us.  We will not be moving anyone until after the May 1st deadline has passed.  We will then proceed by placing new campers in open spots followed by change requests in the order they were received.


In addition, you have been placed in the spot you used in 2018.  If you are not camping, please let us know so that we can assign that spot to someone else.  Also, if you are using a different camper, it is your responsibility to make sure it will fit in the designated spot.  I recommend letting us know ASAP any size changes in campers.  It is much easier to move you now, rather than at the fair.


Thanks all

Dale W. Wells, Camping Committee Chair




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