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Junior Fair Building Restroom Cleaning Schedule

1 By coordinator | August 13, 2018

All:  Please share with your clubs.  If you have a conflict with your assigned time, please let me know as soon as possible.

Restroom Duty 2018

(Click the link for a printable version)


Here are the Restroom Cleaning Rules:

Please make sure your Club Members are aware of these rules.

  • Clubs must clean the Junior Fair Board restrooms at their set time
  • Limit of 8 Junior Fair Members per club to clean the restrooms
  • Please use products provided in the cupboards in each restroom
  • Each Club is responsible for cleaning BOTH the Men’s and Women’s restroom
  • In each restroom, the Clubs must clean the toilets, sinks, showers, sweep the floors and take out the trash.
  • After cleaning, your advisor or adult volunteer MUST sign a paper in the Junior Fair Board Eat Stand that states the number of Junior Fair Members who helped with the cleaning, Make sure to note your Club Name.  Without signing the paper, you will NOT receive milkshake coupons.
  • Milkshake coupons will only be given out at the Junior Fair Eat Stand one the cleaning has been done.  Please make sure that your Advisor or adult volunteer stops at the window and signs for the coupons.


Please do your part to help keep the restrooms clean!

Junior Fair Members and parents/families are the only ones who should be using these restrooms.





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