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Rabbit and Cavy Skill-a-thon Information!

1 By coordinator | July 31, 2018

Get a jump on the competition with a sneak preview of the Station Topics/Scoring for the Rabbit and Cavy Skill-a-Thon on 8/18!


Rabbit Skill-a-thon Stations 2018

Books                                                             5 points

One Page Report                                         5 points

Sanitation                                                    10 points

Ailments and Disorders (5×4)                  20 points

Breed ID (10×4)                                          40 points

Breed, 4 or 6 class, fur type, body type

Feed Label                                                  10 points

Cage Set Up                                                10 points

Total                                                          100 points

Tiebreaker Test (All will take)                 20 points


Cavy Skill-A-Thon Stations 2018


Books                                                            10 points

One Page Report                                        10 points

Feed Label                                                   10 points

Vegetables and Fruits (To feed or not to feed)      10 points

Breed ID  (5×2)                                            10 points

Ailments and Diseases                               20 points

Color ID  (10×2)                                           20 points

Solid/Agouti     Tan/Roan

Cavy Knowledge Test                                 10 points

Total                                                             100 points

Tiebreaker Test (All will take)                    20 points


Poster Contest Reminder


The theme is “Demonstrate Your Knowledge about Rabbits or Cavy”

Picture and Explain what you have learned in your

rabbit or cavy project this year.


Age Divisions:               8-11 yrs     12-14 yrs     15 and Up


Awards:      First place    $10.00        Second place      $5.00

In each age division, rabbit and cavy



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