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2018 Ohio 4-H Award Opportunity

1 By Keith | November 9, 2017

Dear Stark County 4-H Advisors and 4-H Members:

Hope all is well.  It’s that time for the Ohio 4-H Awards and Ohio 4-H College Scholarship Applications.

Below is information regarding completing the 2018 Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Book and for High School Seniors to complete the online, Ohio 4H College Scholarship Application.


2018 Ohio 4-H Achievement Application: 

This annual application enables 4-H members to be selected for outstanding project work, selected at the county level, and then submitted for statewide review/recognition.  There are also opportunities for various leadership opportunities at the state level for members.  To be eligible for all state opportunities listed on the cover sheet (not marked with a ♣ symbol), members need to complete this ATTACHED “Ohio 4-H Achievement Record” and meet all of the criteria listed below. The “Ohio 4-H Achievement Record” is comprehensive in nature and may take some time to complete. Work on it should be started as soon as possible. The completed 2018 Ohio 4-H Acheivement Form (2 copies) is/are due to your Stark County OSU Extension office by the January 11, 2018.

The link above contains information which will be helpful to 4-H members, parents, volunteer leaders and County Extension Educators. The forms must be signed by the Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development before they are submitted.

Here is the 2018 Ohio 4-H Teen Opportunity List of Activities- statewide.

2018 Ohio 4-H State Achievement Opportunities Form Instructions


  1. Applicants must have at least reached their 14th birthday, but not have reached their 19th birthday, sometime before January 1, 2017.  (Note: 4-H membership ends December 31 of the year in which an individual attains the age of 19).
  2. Applicants must be currently enrolled as an Ohio 4-H member.
  3. The Achievement Record (including the 4-H Story) should be typewritten using Arial 11 point font. You must maintain the ½ inch left and right margins. (Note: 10 points will be deducted if this requirement is not followed.)
  4. Using Ctrl Tab will allow the use of columns to format your information in the boxes.
  5. No additional pages may be added to any section (A through G) of the “Ohio 4-H Achievement Record.”  (Note: 10 points will be deducted if this requirement is not followed.)
  6. Your  “Ohio  4-H  Achievement  Record”  should  be  stapled  in  the  upper  left  hand  corner.  Do  not  use  tabbed  dividers, coversheets, or any type of folder/binder.  (Note: 2 points will be deducted if this requirement is not followed.)


2018 Ohio 4-H College Scholarship Information: (MUST APPLY ONLINE)

Ohio 4-H recognizes and rewards individual excellence, whether it is in project work, leadership, citizenship or community service. Ohio 4-H (College) Scholarships were established in 1976 in order to help young people become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. There are currently 36 statewide 4-H scholarships being offered. To qualify for the Ohio 4-H scholarships below you must complete the online college scholarship application by February 15.

In addition to these scholarships, individual counties may also offer county-based scholarships. Please check the  website, under scholarships for your local, Stark County 4-H and related college scholarship opportunities.  Most of the local applications are due July 1 annually or in summer.  Make sure to check for deadlines!!

Criteria, Instructions, and Application

In addition to personal information, before beginning this 4-H Scholarship Application please make sure you have the following items available.

  • High school Grade Point Average (GPA) and rank
  • Academic honors you have received
  • If you are or will be an Ohio State student, your OSU username.# and ID# can be found on your receipt of admission application email
  • Information about your current or anticipated college or university (name, city, state)
  • Intended academic major
  • Detailed information about your major 4-H leadership roles; you should know the names of the roles, the years, level(s), duties and accomplishments
  • Detailed information about major 4-H honors that you have recieved
  • Information about your educational, carrer, or personal goals and what impact 4-H has had on those ambitions
  • Personal statement explaining why a 4-H scholarship would be important to you achieving a college education AND how 4-H has contributed to your personal development, leadership and other skills and to your likely success in life.

Links for OSU College Scholarships below:

College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences- link: scholarship information and online application

College of Education and Human Ecology- link:  scholarship application information

Link:  Brief Descriptions of Ohio 4-H Scholarships Available

Following is a brief description of Ohio 4-H scholarships available

Attend Any Accredited Post Secondary Institution

  • All American Youth Horse Show Foundation 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships to Ohio high school seniors and current Ohio 4-H horse members enrolling at any accredited Ohio post-secondary institution in any course of study.
  • Mary E. Border Ohio 4-H Scholarship. Income provides scholarships at the University or other accredited universities for incoming freshmen or undergraduates who were 4-H members or advisors.
  • Farm Credit Services of Mid America. Provides scholarships to students studying agribusiness or economics.

Attend The Ohio State Univeristy – Any Major

  • Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Glick Bolender, Jr. 4-H Scholarship. Income is used to provide an undergraduate need-based scholarship/s to a student who is a member of Ohio 4-H with preference given to those from Pickaway County, Ohio.
  • George W. Broughton 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships for current or former 4-H members who enrolled at OSU with first preference given to a student from Washington County, Ohio. Second preference is for students from Athens, Belmont, Gallia, Guernsey, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, or Noble counties in Ohio.
  • Ashley Brittany Calhoon 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships for students who have been active in 4H.
  • William E. Goos Memorial Scholarship. Provides scholarships for students who are members of 4-H. First preference is for Butler County.
  • Pfeiffer, Miller, and Saunway Family 4-H Scholarship. Used to provide at least one undergraduate scholarship to a current or former 4-H member who had demonstrated excellence in community service, leadership and public speaking.
  • The Vaughn Family 4-H Scholarship Fund. Provides support to an incoming first year student with preference to students with demonstrated need who have participated in 4-H in Crawford County.

Attend The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

  • Ramona Alvarez & Butler County 4-H Scholarship. Undergraduate scholarship to an incoming freshman at The Ohio State University. Qualified candidates must be from Butler County & current or former 4-H members. First preference for female students.
  • Bob Evans Farms Scholarship. Provides scholarships for entering freshmen in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.
  • The Albert F. and Margaret E. Gehres 4-H Fund. Income supports scholarships for current or former 4-H members
  • AB Graham Leaders of Tomorrow 4-H Scholarship. Provides at least one annual scholarship for Ohio 4-H members and/or alumni who have demonstrated excellence in community service and leadership and have been enrolled in the Ohio 4-H programs for a minimum of 3 years with preference given to applicants who are involved in innovative and non-traditional programs and/or programs that emphasize leadership and preference for entering freshmen.
  • The J. Lyndon Johnson Scholarship. Provides scholarships for current or former Ohio 4-H or Ohio FFA members with a minimum of 3 years participation and a farming background.
  • Charles & Gwyenna Lifer 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships for first year students with a major in the area of agriculture or natural resources. Preference given to those from Richland, Knox, and Monroe counties.
  • Tiney and Helen McComb Family 4-H Scholarship. Supports current or former 4-H member with at least two years of participation in 4-H, majoring in areas of business, finance, or economics in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences or in The Max M. Fisher College of Business.
  • Pike County R.O. McFerren Scholarship. Used to award scholarships to entering freshmen from Pike County enrolled in majors in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at the Columbus campus or the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster.
  • Carl Meads Memorial 4-H Scholarship.  Supports current or former members of Ohio 4-H with at least 5 years participation and have shown cattle for at least 3 years.  Preference shall be given to those majoring in Animal Science.
  • 4-H Ohio Township Scholarship. Provides scholarships for current or former 4-H members.
  • Pike County 4-H Scholarship. Used to award a scholarship in honor of Vancil Brown to 4-H members from Pike County Ohio
  • John L. Ryant Memorial 4-H Agriculture Scholarship. Provides scholarships for an incoming freshman preferably from Delaware County, who is a current or former 4-H member and who has demonstrated qualities of leadership.
  • Paul A. & Ethel I. Smith 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships for students studying a farming or other agriculture-related discipline.

Attend The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology

  • Bea Cleveland 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships for first year students enrolled in the College of Education and Human Ecology.
  • Mabel Sarbaugh 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships for first year students in the College of Education and Human Ecology.
  • Alga D. “Peg” Weaver 4-H Scholarship. Provides scholarships for first year students in the College of Education and Human Ecology.

Collegiate Level Scholarships

  • Cunningham 4-H Leadership Scholarship. Income supports leadership development programs and activities that recognize outstanding leadership among older and/or former 4-H members who are student leaders.
  • Arthur F. Bell & William J. Hoewischer Agricultural 4-H Scholarship.  Provides scholarships for students from Shelby or Muskingum County, Ohio in good academic standing who have participated in 4-H for at least 5 years. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  • Jonard Family Scholarship. Provides support for students from Jefferson, Harrison or Delaware counties in Ohio who participate in 4-H programs.
  • John T. Mount 4-H Achievement Award. Provides scholarships for current or former 4-H members.


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