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Ohio EPA Scholarship Opportunity for Current College Students

1 By Keith | March 3, 2016

The Ohio Academy of Science


Dear David Crawford 


As a member of the Ohio Academy of Science, we know that you are as committed as we are to encourage young scientists who are headed towards careers in environmental science and environmental engineering in Ohio.
As such, we would ask that you help spread the word to students at Ohio State University about a scholarship opportunity that we offer in conjunction with the Ohio EPA.


This merit-based, non-renewable scholarship is available to students who have an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and can provide letters of recommendation as well as evidence of career motivation. Up to $2,500 is
available for students entering their final year in four-year and five-year programs. Up to $1,250 is available to second year students in two year degree programs at public or private technical and community colleges in Ohio.


Previously, these scholarships have been awarded to students majoring in:

  • environmental science 
  • biology 
  • botany 
  • chemistry 
  • chemical, civil and environmental engineering 
  • environmental health and safety 
  • forestry 
  • geology
  • laboratory sciences
  • natural resource conservation
  • wildlife management
  • zoology
  • and related fields


Students may be directed to our web site at

Ohio EPA Scholarship
for further information and application instructions.



We appreciate your continued support to further science education in Ohio.


Karen Meade-Newman
Membership and Volunteer Coordinator



1500 W Third Ave, Ste 228
Columbus, OH  43212



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