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Jr. Fair – General Rules & Regulations

1 By Keith | July 5, 2014

The Stark County Junior Fair operates under the authority of and in conjunction with the Stark County Senior Fair Board. The Junior Fair Board is a department of the Stark County Fair with its own objectives.  These objectives in many instances, require rules or guidelines that differ significantly from those of other Stark County Fair Departments.

Any boy or girl enrolled in a Stark County Youth organization is eligible to participate in the Stark County Junior Fair.  They must abide by the rules and age limitations of said youth organization (4H, FFA, Grange, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.)

1.  To participate in 4H activities, youth must comply with the State 4H membership policy.  4H eligibility begins at age 5 (or in kindergarten as of January 1) and ends December 31 of the year in which they attain the age of 19.

2.  Exhibitors in 4H classes must be enrolled in 4H club work in Stark County.  Exhibits must be from 4H projects approved by the State or Local Extension office.

3.  FFA and FHA exhibitors must be enrolled in Smith-Hughes Vocational Course in Stark County during the current year.  Exhibits must be from vocational projects certified by the department instructor.

4.  All members are encouraged to show in open class events.

5.  Health rules for the livestock exhibits are the same as those governing all open class exhibits.  Health papers must be shown, if requested, to the proper person before an animal is assigned a stall.

6.  The board of directors of the Stark County Agricultural Society will, the to best of their ability, safeguard persons, livestock and articles on the grounds, but will not be responsible for injury, damage, disease, theft or loss of any kind.

7. Animals released due to illness or injury must have a signed release from the Junior Fair Coordinator and barn superintendent.

8.  Members must clean stalls or pens daily and keep the area neat and attractive.  The committee reserves the right to withhold payment if any exhibitor does not keep his/her area clean  and/or feed and water livestock.

9.  Anyone assisting with showing another exhibitor’s animal must be enrolled as a current 4H or FFA or other youth organization member in Stark County.

10.  All animals must remain on exhibit at the fair until 6:00 p.m. on Monday, the last day of the fair, EXCEPT market animals.  Market animals are released at 4:00 p.m.

11.  All animals sold remain the property of the member and in the member’s care until fair release time, 4:00 p.m., Monday, the last day of the fair.

12.  Animals sold are not eligible to be shown again by that exhibitor or any other 4H or FFA member in any Junior Show in the county or state or independent fair.  All Grand and Reserve Grand Champion market animals are terminal.

13.  Exhibitors are responsible for their own veterinary bill.

14.  Veterinarians assigned to the fair for check-in will decide all matters of health, presence of disease and stall release.

15.  Ribbons and suitable award will be provided by the Fair Board.  It is the privilege of the Fair Board to prorate cash premiums if the budget is exceeded.

16.  Eligible youth may be members of both 4H (clubs) and vocational agriculture (FFA) or of either group.  In all cases, separate and different  projects (also different animals and/or products) must be carried in 4H and in vocational agriculture by a member belonging in both organizations.  Examples of different and separate projects are sheep breeding, market lambs; pullets, broiler.  The same or similar animals or products cannot be shown in both organizations even though they may be carried under different projects or programs,  An animal or product may not be shown in more than one county in 4H or FFA classes.

17.  Stark County youth programs and the Junior Fair Board will not condone the use of alcohol or drugs by any of its members, volunteers or anyone else associated with the Junior fair.  The Junior Fair Coordinator, Junior Fair Board advisors, FFA advisors, Extension office and the Senior Fair Board will contact parents or legal authorities to handle individuals caught using or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

18.  In the event that a project animal dies after the designated possession date, members will not be permitted to replace the animal for the purpose of exhibition or sale in any Junior Fair event.



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